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Leo Townsend, President of International Payment Solutions, LLC, has been involved with international finances since 1981. A former stockbroker and host of his own radio show "Capital Defense" that was broadcast on "WVON" talk radio in Chicago. Mr. Townsend began International Payment Solutions, LLC as a way for small to medium sized businesses to gain direct access to some of the world's largest processing banks.

Mr. Townsend also served as a resident expert on "The Stock Market Observer", a regionally syndicated television show during the 1990's.  A former options trader on the C.B.O.E., Mr. Townsend is an astute observer of interest rate markets, which has translated well to the Bankcard and Electronic Funds Transfers industry. By using his finance background and superior relationship skills he has forged an alliance with the premier processing banks in the world, the primary reason merchants choose International Payment Solutions, LLC.

​IPS has found that 90% of merchants have no idea how to read their statements and out of the 10% that do, most don’t understand the terminology or pricing structures their bank is using. IPS requires a statement be faxed for review as opposed to just throwing numbers at you.  Since 2000, IPS has achieved a national average of 21% in cost reduction and has had merchants where IPS cut their cost by over 90%.  How would you like to never have to switch your processing again while receiving honest and wholesale pricing? This is IPS's promise to you.

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“Our philosophy is simple. Be honest, direct, and beat the competition.”

Leo Townsend

President, International Payment Solutions, LLC

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